Salatul Haajat

This salaat is performed when one is in need or in difficulty. Our Prophet(SAWS) said that whoever is in need of something, should make a perfect Wudhu (ie. observing all rules and aadaab of Wudhu), and perform two raka'ts Nafl Salaat. The niyyah is simply that of Nafl' Haajat.

After the Salaat, recite the praises of Allah Ta'ala and recite durood shareef. One may recite any amount and any formula of prases- Tahmid and Tasbeeh - as well as any amount of Durood Shareef.

Thereafter, make a fervent dua for the fulfillment of the need.

Inshallah, by the Grace and Love of Allah, our prayers will be answered.

Salatul Tahajjud

Tahajjud Salaat is the greatest of all salaats, in the ranks of Nafl prayers. Tahajjud Salaat is offered in the latter part of the night. After having gone to bed, one should rise in the last three quarters of the night and offer this prayer.

The minimum number of raka'ts is four and the maximum is twelve. The Salaat can be performed in two raka't or four raka't units. The niyyat for this Salaat is simply to make intention to perform Tahajjud Nafl prayer.

If a person is unable to get up for the prayer, then they should at the least, try to make the Salaat after Isha Salaat. The sawaab is not as great as if it would be when done in the night time, but there is still reward for it.

Our Prophet(SAWS), said that the Tahajjud Sallat is a medium of gaining nearness to Allah Ta'ala. It is an expiation for sins committed and it strenghtens ones imaan. Inshallah.

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