Hasina Jahan Hai


Seeking a challenging position in Software Design and Development using VC++, Java and JDBC on an NT, Windows 95, or Unix platform.


May 1995, MS Computer Science, 1 credit pending 3.6

State University of Stony Brook, Stony Brook, and N.Y.

January 1992, BA Computer Science 3.6

Hunter College, New York City, N.Y.

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude., Dean's List


  • Designed and developed Web pages using HTML, CGI, Java 1.1+ and ASP.
  • Worked on Windows NT, Windows 95 and HP Unix Operating Systems.
  • Working knowledge of Symantec's Visual Cafe, Microsoft's Visual J++, Java using event model 1.1, Sybase's JConnect API, MS Visual C++, HTML, CGI programming, Visual Basic, MAPI, Exchange SDK, Windows Programming and MFC.
  • Working knowledge of MS SQL Server 6.5 Administration. Familiar with queries and programming for SQL Databases using JDBC, Jconnect, and ODBC API.
  • Working knowledge of MS Exchange Server Administration. Familiar with programming extensions to the client interface using Extended MAPI, Exchange SDK, Windows Programming and MFC.
  • Working knowledge of PureAtria's ClearCase, MS Wise Installation Systems, Visual Basic Setup Wizard, NT Source Safe, Clear Case Tool, various word processors and Excel.
  • Familiar with preparing documentation for all phases of the developmental life cycle.


1999–present Bank Of New York N.Y.C., N.Y.

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Responsible for the development of configuration utilities written in Java.
  • Responsible for the development of web application to export data from the database and save it directly to a file.
  • Enhanced front end to BNY Cash Register+ Product using ASP technology to allow users to perform multiple transactions at once over the internet.

1997–1999 SIAC Brooklyn, N.Y.

Programmer II

  • Responsible for full development lifecycle of the EMTII application used to control service access on the NYSE floor.
  • Developed a multi-tiered, multi-threaded Java server to read and write data to a database. The server executed command line arguments to get and set data from and into the database. Also implemented server using JDBC to directly access tables.
  • Developed a server in Java to log real time debugging as well as day-to-day operations data. The server utilized Java IO streams to log information to the file. Also implemented server using JDBC to query and update the tables.
  • Modified Visual Basic Application and Excel macro to support new services and new business logic.
  • Developed shell scripts to start and stop services on a Unix machine.
  • Suggested new products for developing real time systems for the NYSE trading floor and administration offices at SIAC and NYSE.
  • Performed System Integration Testing.
  • Worked to improve the Release Management Facility for various products.

1995–1997 Reuters Hauppauge, N.Y.

Senior Programmer, Programmer

  • Designed and developed messaging objects using Extended MAPI and VC++. The objects were used for the creation of messages, manipulation of existing messages and its internal data, and the routing of messages. The objects also converted ASCII text to an MS MAPI message and a MAPI message back to an ASCII text file.
  • Designed and developed enhancements to an NT Service whose job was to verify incoming data and route corrected forms to other services for database updates. This service used the Windows NT SDK API set, in-house Tracker and Registry objects, logged data to the Windows NT Event Logger and used the NT Performance Monitor to display real time service statistics.
  • Designed and developed in-house Registry object using VC++ and Win32 SDK API. This object provided an interface to read and manipulate keys in the NT Registry by the NT services.
  • Designed and developed in-house Tracker object using Extended MAPI, VC++, and the Exchange SDK API. This object provided NT services the ability to connect to MS Exchange Server and enter product specific tracking messages that were later used by the Exchange Client Extension to get performance data.
  • Designed and developed Exchange Client Extension using VC++, MFC, MAPI, and Exchange SDK. The client extensions provided a user with a real time view on the status of different jobs within the system, hence providing a history on all jobs. The extension also provided the ability to re-do jobs on an as-needed basis.
  • Designed and developed enhancements to automate build facility that used NT Source Safe, Wise Installation Script, Visual Test, the VC++ compiler and various batch files. This facility provided an automated way for generating builds of a product and re-generating older versions of a product in a safe and auditable manner.
  • Performed System Integration Testing and System Acceptance Testing.
  • Became Exchange Administrator and NT Administrator for group. Created and maintained user accounts and analyzed system problems for project development and production related issues.
  • Prepared documentation for System Functional Specification Documentation, System Design Specifications Document, SIT/SAT Test Cases Documentation, and Design Analysis Reports.

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