Shaban: The Bounties of our Prophet's Month

Alhamdulillah, as we end Allah's month of Rajab, we come upon our Prophet's month, Shaban. It is a month that our Prophet (pbuh) preferred because it comes between Rajab and Ramadan. It is a month of soul searching and reflection as we must do this to prepare ourselves for Ramadan.
A lot of good comes from Shaban...
  • Shaban is our Prophet's (pbuh) month so send lots of salawat on him, his family and the sahabis
    • Allahumma salli ala Syedina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sah!bihi wa sallim (sallallahu alaihi wassalam)
  • Allah (ST) forgives Muslims in great numbers this night.
  • Fasting at least 3 days this month will protect us from the hellfire and will give us the way to meet our Prophet (pbuh) in the hereafter.
    • Our Prophet (pbuh) fasted a great deal this month, more than any other month.
    • Our Prophet (pbuh) liked to fast on Monday's (as that was his birth day) and Thursdays (as that's the night our weekly deeds are sent to Allah (ST).
    • Our Prophet (pbuh) liked to fast on the middle of the month (ie 13, 14, 15).
    • Our Prophet (pbuh) forbade us to fast the last day of the month of Shaban as that may coincide with Ramadan and would created confusion. (Recommended not to fast the last few days to avoid confusion)
      • Anyone who fasts the first day of the month and the last day of the month, Allah treats it as if we've fasted the whole month. Shaban is the only exception as we can not fast the last day.
  • In the middle of this month (Nisf Shabaan, Shabe Baraat, Layatul Bara'a-the night of freedom from Fire), all our deeds for the year are sent to Allah (ST) just like all our deeds for our life are taken up on Laylatul Qadr
    • The night is the 14th night and the 15th day of Shaban. It is safer to do more ibadat the day and night before and after the 15th of Shaban.
    • The Angels have their Eid in the middle of Shaban and on Laylatul Qadr night just like we have our two Eids of Fitr and Adha.
    • Our deeds are taken up to Allah (ST) at Fajr and at Asr for the day, so highly recommended to perform more ibadat during these times, and especially in the middle of the month.
    • This is the night that the wealth and success of a person is determined for the coming year.
    • This is the night that the death of a person is told to the angel of death
      • The exact date of death is not told but it is known that death will occur for a person. There are some who say that a Muslim can feel when their names are selected. Sometimes, Allah (ST) guides these people closer to Him and so they increase their ibadah and good deeds.
  • The doors of forgiveness are open from maghrib to dawn of Fajr on the night of the 14th.
    • At one time during Musa's (aws) time, there was no rain for a long period and the people were becoming frustrated and worried. So Musa (aws) asked Allah (ST) for it rain and Allah (ST) told him that there was one person in his group who had sinned for 4 years in a row and He would not provide rain until that person left the group. So Musa (aws) went back to his people and told them what Allah (ST) told him and asked that the person who had sinned for four years, leave the group. The man who had sinned, felt ashamed and knew that if he left the group, everyone would know who he was but if he stayed then he knew his people would not get rain and might perish. The man felt true regret at his dilemma and kept promissing that he would stop sinning and that was when Allah (ST) sent rain. Musa (aws), on seeing the rain, asked Allah (ST) why He sent rain when no one had actually left the group and Allah (ST) told him that the man who was at fault did sincere Tauba to Him and so Allah (ST) forgave him and sent rain for the people. Allah (ST) hid the man's faults and forgave him.
Some ways to increase your blessings during this month:
  • Fast as much as you can this month, and in particular, fast on the 13, 14 and 15 at minimum.
  • More dhikr of Allah and lots of Tasbih
  • Reciting duas of forgiveness and success for this life and hereafter
    • Recite: La Hawla walaa Quwwata illa Billahil-aliyil Azeem
    • Recite: Ayatul Qudsi
  • Reciting Quran and possibly doing Khatam and making dua afterwards
    • Qur'an reciter/hafiz has his du'as accepted and a tree in Jannat during Khatamul Quran. (Sunan-e-Baihaqi)
    • Anas (ra) used to gather his children and his wives at the occasion of Khatmul Quran and make du'a with them. (Sunan e Darimi)
  • Pray Tahajjud prayer on all the nights prior to, on and after the 15
  • Pray extra nawafil prayers day and night (Duha, Salatul Tasbih, Nawafils)
  • Give lots of charity this month.
    • Give Sadaqah to Masjids and to people in need
    • Provide water for those that don't have it
    • Provide food and clothing to those who need them
  • Make lots of Istighfar and ask for forgiveness and repent from past sins, big and small.
  • Keep begging Allah (ST) for His forgiveness and mercy.
  • Ask Him to keep you alive long enough to reach Ramadan and perform the fasts of Ramadan.
The following people will not get the Mercy from Allah or the freedom from the hellfire,
  • Those who do shirk
  • Those who are arguing and fighting and not making amends with each other for the sake of Allah (ST)
  • Alcoholics
  • Those who don't obey their parents or don't take care of them in their old age
  • Those who commit Zena
  • Those who make statues
  • Fortunetellers
  • Those who deal in Riba (Interest)
  • Those who are arrogant and prideful
  • Those who take away the rights of another or backbite against others
  • Those who create disunity amongst the Muslims
Knowing this, we must stay away from these acts and even more so this month and in Ramadan.
So brothers and sisters, let's not let this beautiful month waste away before our eyes and put it to good use so that it will benefit us for eternity, Inshallah. May Allah make it easy for all of us, Inshallah.
And may Allah shower His blessings on Muhammad (pbuh) his family and the companions and May Allah bless us with His Mercy and help us to get closer and closer to Him and increase us in rewards. Ameen.
Anything good I've said comes from Allah and anything wrong or incorrect comes from me and May Allah forgive me.